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Surgery Or To The Gym, That Is The Question!





Sisssssss, have you ever thought about getting a mommy makeover aka sucked and tucked?   Well let’s talk about it.  


I have had mixed feelings for years about getting elective surgery done, we all know there are risks that come with going under the knife.  I’ve had these thoughts way before it was a trend.  As an ex athlete I’m used to my body being right and tight in all the right places.  Fast forward to 2022 and the great debate is do I get my butt in the gym and eat right or just let the plastic surgeon do his/her thing?!  After the birth of my oldest daughter I developed Diastasis Recti which is abdominal separation and of course after my second pregnancy it got worse **insert ugly cry face**.  Catch me after I eat and I look 2-3 months pregnant.  Can this be corrected, of course it can!  One solution is doing correct exercises to strengthen your core, going to physical therapy or surgery.  And beware, certain exercises can actually make it worse so do your research before starting an exercise routine.  And then the option of surgery is available as well and again do your own thorough research.  


Now let’s talk about boobs, I can honestly say I had the perfect pair before I had kids, I mean I was in love with my own boobs, lol!  I breastfed with my second child and she did a number on me, I mean totally disrespected my shit.  So here we are at the crossroads of doing the “right” thing or getting surgery.  I am definitely going to get these sagging bags done, no question about it but I’m still on the fence about my lower body.  I actually love working out, but I have to plan and be very strategic in how and what I do to obtain my body goals and of course factor in time.  There is a certain level of commitment you have to have when working out and it is not for the weak or impatient.  Then we have the option of surgery, and it’s not spoken about often that with surgery you still have maintain the proper eating habits and exercise routine to maintain your results.  Surgery is the fastest fix option in my opinion but it has it's risks.  You really have to do your research on your plastic surgeon.  You want to see their before and after pics,  surgery record, board certifications, mortality record, you have dig deep when looking for a plastic surgeon.  Surgery shouldn't be something you wake up one day and get done.


Of course surgery is a personal choice and in no way do I hate my body but I do want to enhance what I already have you know, get that old thang back!  What are your thoughts?  Have you thought about surgery?  Have you had surgery?  This is a NO Judgement zone, so let me know in the comments!


XO, Quita

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