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I Was On The Road To 800 And Then......



It’s Sunday and it’s time for our weekly chat.  I hope you all had a good first week of 2022 and are preparing for the week to come.  I thought we would switch it up this week and talk about money and credit.  


If you were raised anything like I was, financial literacy was not a thing in my household.  All I was taught was “money don’t grow on trees”, “go to college so you can get a good job”, credit, investing, real estate, stocks, or making your money work for you was never a topic of conversation.  And what’s funny is I‘m sure more than half of us had bills in our names before we turned 18 and moved out on our own.  Picture it, North Carolina, 2002 I got my first credit card as a freshman in college, and remember I had not an ounce of financial education.  I ran that baby up and I couldn’t even tell you what happened after that besides I didn’t pay the bill and it ended up on my credit.  Fast forward to 2017, my credit was shot to say the least, I started working on my credit.  At one point I even paid a credit repair company to help ya girl out and they didn’t finish the job **insert side eye**.  Despite that foolery I was able to go from the 400’s to the high 600's in under 2 years.  I learned how credit worked, got me 2 secured cards, cleaned up my credit report and also enrolled in a credit builder account with a company called SELF, formerly known as SELF Lender.  I was on a roll and was proud of myself, I had a goal to purchase a new home and eventually at least one of my dream cars.  Then here comes Ms. Rona, when I tell y’all she snatched my wig back, she snatched my shit hard.  All that hard work and dedication down the drain.  So here we are in the second week of 2022 and I’m embarking on this journey once again and I decided that I’m going to share it with my mom gang!  I signed up for SELF again, they were very instrumental with my credit growth last time so why not.  I’ll leave a link below for you to check it out.  Oh and here is the link for SELF https://self.inc/refer/14563518


So if you can relate follow me on this journey.  If you have any helpful tips to share please leave them in the comments.  I have learned that credit is king and you can leverage your credit to work for you in many different ways.  Road to 800 here I come again and this time I’ll get there.  Until next Sunday, I love you but most importantly love yourself first.


XO, Quita

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  • Tiffany Edwards on

    Similar story! I applied for student loans for extra money while on scholarship and run up 3 credit cards because I had low credit limits. No bills were in my name so only (2) $100 card and a $1000 card. I knew NOTHING and ended up paying at least 3x those amounts AND ruined my credit with 120 day late payments of only $15. I thought moving to the other side of town meant I could use credit and not be found.
    It is SO important to maintain our credit and make our money work for us! Thanks for showing me I’m not alone and I’m getting on the road to 800 too!

  • Erica Reign on

    Girl yes. I’ve had to restart my journey this month too because I got into a car accident a few months ago that ate my emergency funds all the way up. I was devastated and ended up depressed. One thing about it though, our bounce back hand is STRONG! We got this! 🤎🤎💪🏾

  • Cherisse on

    I love this. I may have to check out the SELF link. My goal this year is to knock my credit card usage way down.

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